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The Digital Benchmark - Yearbook 2019 - Chapters

LThe change in consumer behaviour linked to the advent of the digital age requires advertisers to master several concepts that were previously unknown to them: data collection and analysis, data governance, predictive marketing, hyper-personalization, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, conversational agents, UX, CEM, CRO, CRM, Social Media...

More than ever, mastering these new and promising challenges requires an understanding of these ecosystems, the positioning of publishers and their technologies and the selection criteria that enable companies to find a solution.

A concentration of observations and in-depth analyses, this Yearbook takes stock of current concepts, the positioning of players, customer issues, the functionalities sought and the trends to come.
This Yearbook is aimed at all project leaders combining Marketing and Technologies (MarTech). From beginner to advanced, it offers several possible reading grids.

It is also intended for those who have an installed solution and who wish to challenge it in order to improve its efficiency or simply to change it.

The analyses and conclusions presented in this book may not be appropriate in all cases. It is therefore very important to take the necessary distance to fully appreciate these lessons.
Like any book, you can read it cover to cover. The process is logical, starting with data management, then the ability to learn from the same data, the activation of these data through marketing campaigns, the optimization of different channels and contact points, the management of customer relations, and finally the management of Social Media aspects.
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