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Why attend?

By invitation only, this event is reserved primarily for EBG members, digital decision-makers (CDx, Marketing, Digital, Data, Customer Relations, Innovation & Technologies) and project leaders.

For Decision Makers

A great opportunity to meet your peers, make new contacts and grow your business.

One-to-One Business Meetings

Meet a selection of the most pertinent European service providers.

Exclusive Contents

Understand, compare and analyze the best technologies and marketing solutions.

All Inclusive

Accommodation in Amsterdam, transportation from Paris, VIP parties all meals and breakfasts ... everything you need to enjoy the Event.

Program & Yearbook

A concentration of in-depth analyses, the Program takes stock of current concepts, the positioning of players, customer issues, the functionalities sought and the trends to come.

Each participant will receive a book of about 300 pages (the Yearbook) to share internally, which will synthesize several market studies conducted by EBG with the collaboration of independent consulting partners. The objective of this document is to understand the positioning of market players, the benefits provided, the use cases treated by these solutions... and to help make decisions when looking for new technology providers.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP), DMP, Consent Management Platforms (CMP), Web Analytics, Attribution, Smart Data & Dataviz
B2B & B2C Marketing Automation, Programmatic - Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Social Media Management
E-commerce Platforms, Customer Experience Management (CEM), Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO)
Omnichannel Client Relationship Tools, Conversational Agents, Visual & Speech Recognition, Social Care

Previous Edition in Berlin - May, 22-24, 2019

After London in 2017 (350 participants), Barcelona in 2018 (700 participants), EBG organised the 3rd Digital Benchmark in Berlin from 22 to 24 May 2019.
The event brought together more than 850 digital decision-makers from the largest European companies to discuss the choice and implementation of MarTechs strategies (marketing and technology).


Decision makers




1-to-1 meetings



What Attendees Are Saying

The Digital Benchmark brings Digital decision-makers, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Data Officer, Ecommerce Manager, Head of Social Media, and other top industry experts together to share best practices and discuss proven strategies to maximize results.

Richer than in 2018, many more meetings between advertisers (customers). ,,

Pierre Alarcon

Director of Digital Sales and Customer Relations

It was very rich and perfectly in line with my expectations. ,,

Laurence Proust

Multi-channel Communication & Insights Director

It was enriching.
An event not to be missed! ,,

Charles De Galzain

Director of Digital Projects and Deployment

The Digital Benchmark was a valuable opportunity to exchange with my peers on concrete cases and best practices. ,,

Cynthia Decant

Digital Marketing Manager

Very rich in information. Very well organized. Congratulations! ,,

Pascal Defaux

E-commerce Director

A really interesting and very pleasant time. Congratulations and thank you for the organization! ,,

Valérie Pernelle

Data, CRM & Analytics Director

Efficient! ,,

Damien Lacroix

Innovation Director

The Digital Benchmark Team

Would you like to be a part of The Digital Benchmark? Get in Touch

Caroline Mouchiroud

International Communication & Event Director

Soraya Cabezon

Content Director

Margaux Beauvais

Web Marketing Manager

Philippe Khattou

Director of The Digital Benchmark

Stéphanie Zatenko

COO & Head of Partnerships
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